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Congratulations to Ben, our Customer of the Month!

Hi Ronn and Donna,

I'm wearing my favorite fishing hat in the pictures, and here are three of my most memorable fish.
I fished the Everglades for two days, and Biscayne Bay for four days. I was there for the Tarpon Migration but the weather was completely uncooperative. 30 mph wind and clouds made spotting them and casting extremely difficult. The permit was taken in Biscayne Bay and ran drag like nothing I've ever felt before. I caught a couple dozen snook, the two largest 27" and 31" were taken on Enrico Puglisi Everglades Special flies. The fish in the picture where I'm wearing the orange shirt was taken in the backcountry where it was mudding in 2' of water. I dropped a short 40' cast in the mud cloud, and the fight was on immediately. After 5 minutes of thrashing and acrobatics I landed this 9lb pig, snapped a few pics and released it for someone else to enjoy. The fish were taken on my 9 wt Sage Xi2 complemented with a Galvan Torque 8. I bought the T-8 at your shop a few years ago...Fortunately, I'm heading back to Miami for the migration in the middle of May, and I'm hoping the weather will cooperate so I can have some better shots at 100lb Tarpon. Hopefully I'll have some pictures with tarpon after my trip.

Hope to see y'all sometime in late April...I'm sure I'll be up with Lucas a few days fishing wiper off the Clinton Dam.



Hey Ben, Congratulations on being the Customer of the Month! Enjoy a $25 coupon on your next trip to Yager's for sharing you pictures and story! To make it even sweeter, we're going to give you an extra $25 for showing off your Yager's hat.


27" Snook
27" Snook

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