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Echo Fly Rods and Reels by Tim Rajeff - click to enlarge

Echo Fly Rods and Reels by Tim Rajeff

ECHO fly rods are some of our favorite affordable rods, but they are also some of the best performing that Yager's Fly Shop has ever cast. Fly rods like the ECHO Carbon are perfect for laying out delicate flies for trout, while the ECHO Ion is a cannon for powering big bugs in any type of wind.

Yagers has been very happy with every rod in our shop from ECHO and so far Tim Rajeff designed and created just about everything out there we could want in ECHO fly rods. His ever expanding line of gear can make any fly fisher smile. Having Tim Rajeff at the helm helps; he's a constant reminder that fun is as close as a smile, or at most as far as a well executed distance-cast. It's his impetus that makes sure there are always a few Echo fly rods strung up on the racks at the shop to play with.

At Yager's Flies we are happy to know Tim Rajeff and we believe in his commitment to our sport. What better person to create the fly rods we hope our customers enjoy for years to come. When you purchase an ECHO Fly Rod you can be sure that it was designed by someone who understands the science of the casting stroke.

Tim Rajeff, Fly Fishing Man
Tim Rajeff, Fly Fishing Man




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