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The Measure Net - click to enlarge

The Measure Net

The Measure Net by JTA Products is the only net that allows the angler to catch, measure, and release a fish without touching it. Simply land the fish in the soft woven mesh net and add the numbers at the tail and the head to get the total length. These nets are built so the fish always bends perfectly in the bottom of the net.

Example: If the number at the tail is 8 and the number at the head is 10 then the total length of the fish is 18 inches.

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Yager's Flies is proud to stock several sizes of this catch and release measure net system. These lightweight nets are made of aluminum with rubber handles so they weigh little and are comfortable to use and each net includes an elastic attachment cord.

Each net bag is attached with a special zipper so you can transfer between a Nylon (Standard) net bag to a rubber coated (Catch & Release) net bag that can be purchased separately. All nets come standard with the mesh net bags - if you desire the rubber bag you must include this on your order and you will recieve both bags.

For that special Fly Fisher we have a beautiful Titanium Wood handle measure net with a rubber net bag. These nets are lazer engraved with any name you desire and the process takes about 2 weeks to be completed. Just let us know when you place your oder how you want the engraving done or you can leave it blank.

Small - Measure Net
  • With Nylon Mesh Net bag - $24.00
  • With additional Rubber Net bag - $40.00
  • Full Length: 19.5"
  • Net Length: 12.5"
  • Net Width: 8.5" at top
  • Fish Length: 20"

    Medium - Measure Net
  • With Nylon Mesh Net bag - $27.00
  • With additional Rubber Net bag - $45.00
  • Full Length: 25"
  • Net Length: 16"
  • Net Width: 8.5" at top
  • Fish Length: 24"

    Large Telescopic Long Handle - Measure Net
  • With Nylon Mesh Net bag - $37.00
  • With additional Rubber Net bag - $57.00
  • Full Length: 42"
  • Collapsed Length: 33"
  • Net Length: 18"
  • Net Width: 10.5" at top
  • Fish Length: 28"

    Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

    Include Rubber Net Bag:  Quantity:

  • Click to enlarge
    Click to enlarge

    Click to see the NEW Telescopic Net


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